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Data Entry & Auditing

I am experienced in data entry and auditing and can help you record and audit large amounts of information into various manageable formats

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Business data is very important, and processing it can become an incredibly challenging job if it is dependent on paper. Going paperless will not only save your time, but also allow your organisation to centrally access the data whenever needed from any location. Data Entry is an easy way to store and handle business data in a digital format, making it useful in many ways for your business. I can help process large amounts of data, both typed and handwritten, into various formats.

Do you have business contacts that need entered into a database?

Do you have customer contact details that need organised into a useable mailing list?

Perhaps you are looking to expand your CRM system and need a Virtual Secretary to enter data?


I can help you organise your data so that it can be utilised to generate leads, secure sales and create marketing campaigns. I am experienced in data entry, and creating and improving databases for businesses in many different sectors. I have extensive knowledge of MS Office (MS Word, MS Excel, etc.) and can do extensive web-based data entry / web research of any kind. We provide a flexible, efficient and cost-effective virtual assistant service without any additional training costs.

I am happy to undertake one-off projects, or perhaps continually manage your data processes. For more information please click the Contact button below.

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